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Learning computer skills is a gradual process. It can often take an individual a few repeated attempts to make tasks second nature.

Traditionally businesses would send their staff on day courses to learn the skills they need, however, most of the time the people being taught only need to learn the things they either struggle with or need to know for the job. It’s therefore, often, a waste of time and money as the learner has to sit through a significant portion of training material they are already aware of or have no need to know.

It would be better if training could be done in a similar way to a doctor diagnosing and treating a patient. Targeting the gaps in people’s knowledge and filling them, is proving the most efficient way to keep your workforce up to speed and productive at the lowest cost possible.

Shelley Fishel, managing director, of The Training Surgery has developed just the medication businesses of all sizes require. Typical sessions are one-to-one or in pairs and rather than having a rigid format, the trainer concentrates on the areas the learner(s) needs help with. The outcome is less time training, therefore reducing cost but with massive increases in productivity.

Training can be done on all Microsoft Office products, on PC’s or MAC’s. Of course all the training can be delivered as a standard full or half day course too.

Organisations that have worked with The Training Surgery find their staff productivity increases by an average of 2.5 hours per person per week, a significant saving of time that can be better spent on brining in more clients or generating more sales.