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You’ve probably seen it on the end or beginning of a Twitter tweet, it normally looks something like “#FF @BeginInterMktg“, but what does it mean?

Well, #FF stands for Follow Friday and the hashtag (#) is a Twitter search feature which allows users to group information into a category of some kind. Try a search for #FF here. OK, I know that hasn’t really answered the question, so what does Follow Friday mean?

People, especially marketers, want to grow their followers. #FF is a way to recommend others to follow them. In doing this, you can also grow your followers because of a kind of mutual gratitude.

Here’s how it works:

You identify people you follow and decide to recommend them. You obviously can decide who to recommend yourself, that part’s up to you. You may like someone’s tweets and find them useful, so you want to share them, they may have previously re-tweeted one of your tweets, or they may have already recommended you, the choice is yours.

Next, pull up Twitter and start an update as follows:

#FF @UserName1 @UserName2

Where you replace @UserName1 and 2 with the users you want to recommend, but don’t forget the @ sign in front of their user names.

Hit the ‘Update‘ button and your done. Now make a note of your current follower numbers, you should see it increase over the next few hours.

The reason your followers are likely to increase is because anyone watching the #FF stream may well follow the people your recommending but are also highly likely to follow the people doing the recommending.

It’s that simple, so don’t delay, get Following on Fridays, and then have a great weekend.