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New Website – ETF Look

New Website – ETF Look

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Online Marketing | 0 comments

The Fasttrack team have been super busy this week. Our developer, Jim has been working hard to complete a website build for some new clients. It was a project that we needed to complete quite quickly and is an excellent example of what can be achieved when the client, designer and our development team work closely together.

inTune Investor are launching their exciting new product today. They’ve developed an App which is an innovative data visualisation tool to help investors and advisors better navigate the fast growing universe of ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange.

So, what is an ETF? A snippet from the website explains:

‘An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks. An ETF holds assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds, and trades close to its net asset value over the course of the trading day. Most ETFs track an index, such as a stock index or bond index. ETFs may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, tax efficiency and stock-like features. ETFs are the most popular type of exchange-traded product.’

We’re thrilled to have been allowed the opportunity to work with inTune Investor on their project and we wish them every success with their launch today. It is important to note however that we wouldn’t have been able to do our job without input from the following people and our thanks goes out to them…

Our wonderful clients – inTune Investor:
The fantastic designer – Stuart at Redfern design:
A team of impressive App developers – Signal Noise:

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We’re Rebranding!

We’re Rebranding!

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Business, Entertainment, Online Marketing, Social Networking | 0 comments

It’s official. We’re rebranding!

As of the 14th April, Fasttrack and Blueball Graphics will be no more, and Vision Five Media will be taking its place.

Vision Five Media has come about from the need to join the two brands of Fasttrack and Blueball Graphics together.  The structure of our company has changed a lot in the last year and we felt it was time we set ourselves on a different path and vision.  Combining both our in-house graphics team and Fasttrack digital marketers and developers together under one name forms more of a unified brand; one we feel is stronger than ever.

To understand our new brand a little better, we thought we’d share with you our inspiration behind the name and logo.

Vision Five Media derives from our new direction but also represents that each of our business areas in Graphic Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing, all have a vision or goal that meet the requirements of our clients.  After all, we are a company that is extremely passionate in helping to achieve exactly what our client wants.

We chose the number Five as it can be seen as one of the most dynamic and energetic looking shapes of the single-digit numbers.  It has a fluid motion and represents the constant need for change; something we feel is very iconic of the digital marketing industry, especially with new digital trends constantly evolving.

The colours chosen for our new logo represent calmness, which pretty much sums up our easygoing attitudes in the work office! They can also be broken down into our business areas; the blue serves as our Graphic Design sector, the orange for Web Development, and the Duck Egg Blue personifies our Digital Marketing expertise.

The three business areas are also represented in the use of the triangles which, when pieced together, produce a 360 degree shape (square or diamond) which illustrates how our services all work together to create an all round strategy.

If you look closely at our logo, you’ll also notice two V’s; one symbolising Vision, the other standing for the Roman Numeral for Five, merged together to form a stylised eye.  The perfect logo to promote our new vision.

As a creative group of experts, we are implicitly dedicated to providing our clients with consistently high quality products which represent value for money and a solid ROI.  We promise to provide honest consultation that can be fully trusted, and aim to reflect our positive brand values through our work ethic.

For more information on our consultation services or on any of the other services we provide, please feel free to call us on 01923 201 855, Tweet us, become our friend on Facebook, or take a look at our website.

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New Fasttrack Addition… with added drama!

New Fasttrack Addition… with added drama!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, E-mail Marketing, Facebook, Google, Online Marketing, PPC, Retail, SEO, Small Business, Social Networking, Twitter, Wordpress | 0 comments

We’d like to give a big warm welcome to our new Digital Marketing Executive, Alix (yes, it’s spelt with an i, just to be difficult). Alix has come from a fashion journalism background and has a huge passion for social media. She will be our content marketing guru and Fasttrack social media queen, assisting Akin with scoring digital marketing goals for our clients.

“I’m so excited to be part of such a friendly and creative team, says Alix. Having interned for the last year in a different sector, it’s great to be given this amazing opportunity and I’m so thankful. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds in store for the Fasttrack team!”

To get to know Alix a little more, you can view her profile here.

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Why your brand needs a social media strategy to be successful

Why your brand needs a social media strategy to be successful

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Facebook, Online Marketing, Social Networking, Twitter, Viral Marketing | 0 comments

In the next few weeks we’ll be giving you some tips and insights focusing on SEO (on-page and off page), Paid Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce and Mobile.  What’s more important about all this, is how to bring it all together as an integrated, holistic, 360 degree digital marketing strategy.

As a creative and digital marketing agency, we believe in staying on top of the latest technology and online trends, and feel it is our duty to make sure you too are in the know.


One of the key services we provide is social media marketing.  With an epic increase in demand for the use of social media platforms over the last decade, we strongly feel this is THE tool your company needs to sell itself.  But what is social media and why is having a social media strategy so important in order for your brand to be successful? And how do you put one into place?

Margaret Rouse of defines social media as “the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.”

With an increasing online presence for most brands, your company needs to embrace a successful social media strategy in place in order to compete.  Allow these following steps to guide you.

Identifying your brand

Before even thinking about producing a solid social media strategy, you need to ensure you know your brand through and through.  What is its identity? It’s characteristics? Essentially, how do you want people to see you?

Social media is just one way in which you can sell and promote your brand personality, whether that’s via the more visual orientated platforms or word based ones.  Defining what you’re all about is what will initially get the ball rolling.

Identifying your audience

In order for your strategy to be successful, you need to know exactly whom you’re catering for, who your audience is.  What are their age, gender, and their interests? What is going to entice, attract and grip them? Are you trying to reach businesses or consumers? With so many social media sites about, the possibilities for audience engagement is endless, however you need to know exactly which ones to implement in order to reach your targeted audience.  There’s no point using Pinterest to target people if you’re not a creative based brand, otherwise there would be no visuals to represent your brand and what you are all about.

Define your goals

Now you’ve established both your brand identity and audience, you can now set and define your goals and objectives.  These could include:

  • Building more awareness around your brand
  • A channel to handle support or providing customer services
  • Increasing your followers, likes, shares, retweets and so on (engagement)
  • Drive traffic to and from your linking social media accounts

Your content

  • For displaying visual content, think about using Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr
  • For more informative and text based content, use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


  • Link all social media platforms together and to your website so they correlate. E.g. you can connect your Twitter feed to your Facebook page and visa versa, among others
  • Consider creating a blog to keep your audience entertained and up to date with current issues to do with your brand.  Link to topics your audience will be interested in and will engage with and ensure the content can be easily shared on the relevant platforms
  • You want people to talk about you in a way that establishes you as a go-to company in your specialism
  • You want to connect with your existing audience yet attract potential new customers

All of the above are objectives we can help you with in order to make the most of your brand.  Follow these how-to tips and you’ve got a solid social media strategy frame in place, one you can’t go wrong with.  After all, social media is the future for brands.

Find out more about Fasttrack’s digital marketing services.

(Image taken from business2community)

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Hot Desk Openings…

Hot Desk Openings…

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Business, E-mail Marketing, Entertainment, Google, Online Marketing, Social Networking, Technology, Training, Wordpress | 0 comments

We here at Fasttrack and Blueball Graphics are excited to announce that we have a couple of hot desk openings available for fab creative freelancers!

We are a small but perfectly formed Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Agency based in Watford, North London.

Based in comfortable offices and with space for two hot-desks, we are hoping to connect with people seeking affordable office space to run their business without the need to take on lengthy contracts in serviced offices. We are hoping to find partners to rent the space who have similar skills to us as we often have work which we outsource and you would get first refusal on these projects.

As such, we are hoping to connect with people who work in the following areas:

• Graphic Design (for on and off-line marketing activity)

• Web Development (Skills in PHP, XML, HTML, MySQL, .Net)

• Web design & build (WordPress and Magento primarily)

The benefits to you are that you’ll have a physical office space to work in alongside a team of like-minded professionals in a creative atmosphere.

You’ll have access to your own telephone, a static desk, internet access, use of our boardroom for client meetings and an unlimited supply of tea and coffee as well as great company! You will be issued with your own security fob and office key meaning you have complete flexibility in when you can access the office.

We are located on a business park with plenty of free parking and close to the M1 and M25. We’re also only a 10 minute drive from Watford Junction which offers a fast route in and out of London.

Both long and short term contracts are available at highly competitive rates along with the opportunity for outsourced work for which we will pay for your time.

Please contact Lisa if this is of interest to you.

01923 201855

(Image taken from designproltd)

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Our newest team member – now with added ice-cream sundae!

Our newest team member – now with added ice-cream sundae!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in Blogging, E-mail Marketing, Facebook, Google, Online Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Networking, Technology, Training, Twitter, Viral Marketing, Wordpress | 0 comments

The FTIT team are thrilled to welcome our new Digital Marketing Manager into the fold. Akin brings with him a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing techniques and has already spent time with many of our clients helping to refine their internet marketing strategy.

‘I am so pleased to be working with the Fasttrack team’ says Akin. ‘It’s a great opportunity to be involved with a creative agency who has big plans for future growth in 2014. I’m looking forward to coming along for the ride!’

If you’d like Akin to take a look at the things you do already to market your business and suggest ways in which he can help maximise your success, please give him a call or drop him a line. You can view his profile here.

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